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Why do cats make strange noises? Purring cats and their causes

Cat kittens are the most heard by cat breeders in different periods of their lives in addition to the cat meow distinctively and differently in every situation that passes by.

If you breed a new cat recently, you may notice this strange sound that the cat makes from her chest or abdomen, which resembles the fan’s voice or the sound of snoring muffled from inside the chest.

New cat breeders believe this sound indicates illness or cat fear and this is a common mistake.

Sometimes cats may make the purring sound when they are happy, so you may notice that your cat makes this sound when sitting in the sun during cold winter days or after eating a delicious meal of her favorite food.

But it is not possible to consider that the cat’s purring sound is an indication of happiness and contentment only, nor does it mean that your cat should make this sound when it feels happy, as the cats make this sound for various other reasons.

Experts say that this strange sound issued by cats, which we call the rumbling or clucking, is a sign of four different feelings that the cat feels. Of course, it is difficult to differentiate between them, but you can easily guess the reason after knowing these four reasons, and then you can know why cats make strange sounds such as the clucking voice.

Why do cats make strange noises? Purring cats and their causes
As we have explained to you, this voice, which is called the cat’s crowing voice, or the voice of the purring comes from cats in different situations. To express different feelings, we mention them to you as follows:

1 – The sound of a cat clicking in a state of happiness and contentment
If you notice that your cat feels safe and relaxed, extending in the sun during the cold winter days, or having fun under the air conditioner on hot summer days and patting it, I felt the sound of purring coming from it, certainly because of its feeling of happiness.

This is the happiest time for cats, and this is why you feel the cat’s distinct sound.

2 – Cat screaming when feeling hungry or asking for something
There are some cats that make the sound of the rumen when they feel hungry or at their daily mealtime.

Some cat behavior experts have studied the sound that domestic cats make when they are hungry and compared them to the sound that cats make when they are happy and found it to be completely different.

When the cats want to tell you they are hungry, the purring or the rumbling will be associated with the distinctive meow sound of the cat, such as the baby’s crying, so you can distinguish it easily.

Even if you are not a cat breeder or are accustomed to her voice, you will inadvertently know that this voice is like crying that you like to offer food for your cat.

3- The sound of purring in small cats
Small cats make this sound when they are just a few days old because they want to tell the mother cat that they are well and feel comfortable and full.

Also, small cats emit this sound to increase the association with the mother cat, as this voice increases the compatibility rates between cats.

4- Why do cats make strange noises? Clucking cats may be a sign of extreme tension
Although many people do not know this fact, cats sometimes make a purring sound when they feel pain or feel intense fear, and they do so to reassure themselves or to reduce their feelings of tension or pain.

Also, some special research that explains cat behaviors and behaviors indicates that this distinctive purring of cats can help them recover from diseases faster.

Experts believe that this purr has a low frequency that causes vibration inside the cat’s body, which does some of the following:

  • Treat wounds and help heal bones.
  • Build muscle and repair tendon problems.
  • Easy breathing.
  • Reducing pain and inflammation.

Some experts also believe that this is why cats can recover from high altitudes after surgery without serious complications, unlike dogs, for example.

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