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Treating cat scratches at home

Hitting your hands from cat scratches is painful, but it is common for cat breeders and cat lovers.

Many cat breeders suffer from pain and cuts from scratching their cats while playing with them or during their pregnancy and bathing.

Your cat may suddenly scratch you without any reason and without warning

Which may cause you some bleeding, swelling in the place of scratching and may make you sick as well

Small cat scratches can be easily treated at home, but some large cat wounds may require more care and attention

“Cat’s claws are more severe than dog claws, so they cause much more damage when they scratch your hands or feet,” says Dr. Patrick Mahney, a veterinarian and lecturer at the University of Los Angeles.

Dr. Patrick explains that the faster and more severe a blow to a cat, the more likely the wound will be swelling and bleeding. Thus the affected person is vulnerable to some diseases.

Therefore, there are factors that must be taken into account when injuries from cat claws.

Treating cat scratches should be done immediately. The wound is evaluated based on the location of the wound and the depth of the wound, and the cat’s condition must also be taken into consideration

Scratching from a small cat is different from a big cat. Also, treating your cat’s cat scratch is completely different from cat scratching on the street

The cat’s scratch location determines how dangerous it is
Even in the event that scratches are superficial. The location of the cat’s scratches determines how dangerous it is

Scratches in the hands and feet may expose you to infection even if it is superficial.

Also, scratches on the face or abdomen may cause visible and visible scars and wounds even after healing and some plastic surgery may be needed.

While scratches that may occur in the eye, you need to go to the hospital immediately, no matter how shallow the injury. Because eye injuries need urgent and immediate intervention.

Likewise, in the event that you have any immune deficiency diseases, you should not underestimate cat scratches, whether superficial or minor

How to treat small cat scratches
Some cat scratches may be superficial. Just simple stripes on the back of the hand that occur constantly from kittens or domestic cat kittens

Treating these scratches requires you to wash the wound with running water and soap for 30 seconds

If there is some bleeding, apply pressure to the wound with a clean cotton swab moistened with an antiseptic.

In most superficial wounds, the bleeding stops immediately after applying pressure, without any problems.

It is also a good idea to use antibiotic paint on scratch without any medical advice

You can also cover the wound with sterile dry dressings so that it can heal

Such wounds do not need any anxiety unless the bleeding continues and does not stop.

You should then contact the doctor to find out the cause and take action.

Treating the scratching of medium cats
In the event that cat scratches were moderate and caused some persistent bleeding or were somewhat deep and caused pain and swelling, you can apply the same suggested treatment steps

Wash the wound thoroughly with soap and water for at least 30 seconds as a first step

After that, disinfect the wound site with an antiseptic such as alcohol or betadine.

Use any antibiotic paint and cover the wound with a bandage of sterile gauze

But you should constantly monitor the wound’s development.

Is there increased redness every day? Is there noticeable swelling and increasing?

Has the wound formed pus or have you started feeling some fever, chills, or pain in your body?

Some cat scratches cause swollen lymph nodes and swelling appears within a week of the wound.

Swollen lymph nodes are a clear sign of a bacterial infection that was transmitted to you by scratching cats

In this case, you should contact your doctor and explain the situation to him to give you the necessary treatment

 Treating cat scratches on the street and non-domesticated cats
Non-pet cats when they hurt you should never underestimate them

Of course, you need to take the first aid that we mentioned before

Cleansing the wound and washing it with running water is always the first step for any wound by cats

After that, you should go to the nearest hospital to take the necessary precautions

Non-domesticated cats may transmit more serious diseases such as rabies. Because they are unvaccinated cats and live in dangerous environments

So do not underestimate cat wounds on the street and take the necessary medical assistance from the nearest hospital.

Aids include tetanus injection if you have not had it taken in the last ten years, and you may also be given a vaccine against rabies as needed and according to a specialist doctor’s consultation.

What diseases are transmitted by scratching cats?
One of the most dangerous diseases transmitted to humans by cats is “cat scratch fever”.

Cats scratch disease is caused by a bacterium called Bartonella.

“Bartonella” bacteria are transmitted to cats through fleas

When a flea makes some cat and transfers this type of bacteria to it, the cat becomes a carrier of the disease.

A cat that carries bacteria becomes a carrier of the disease. The Bartonella bacterium, which causes cat scratch disease, is transmitted to the cat’s saliva, and hence to all the envy of its body, including the claws.

Therefore, if the cat is a carrier of the disease and some of its owner or scratched it and caused some wounds, it will be possible to transmit the disease to humans greatly.

Symptoms of a cat scratch disease appear within three to two weeks of the cat scratching the carrier

Symptoms include fever, red skin, swollen lymph nodes, and loss of appetite.

In America, 12,000 people develop a cat scratch fever. These are the most recent statistics mentioned in this regard

In order to prevent cat scratch disease, you should always make sure to protect cats from fleas and insects of all kinds in order to ensure your cat is free of any diseases that may be transmitted to you.

Although cat scratches are frequent and occur almost every day. But you should always make sure to treat it properly. You should also take all precautions so that no diseases are transmitted to you by your cat.

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