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Miracle cat returns home with burned hair after surviving fires in Australia

Among all the devastating things that are living in Australia with so many creatures and people affected by forest fires, there are still stories that seem like a real miracle and never cease to surprise us.

This time, a Bega Valley family is happy to tell how their little cat, Angel, surprised them after returning from an encounter with death.

Days before the New Year, young Ben Symonds and his family were preparing to evacuate his home due to the threat of nearby fires.

Ben, along with the mother and stepfather, Brett’ Pixie’ Graham, tried desperately to gather all their animals to move them to a safe place when the fire frightened them.

The family group had to leave the place without being able to take their cats Angel and Micky, who did not get caught.

“We were spinning, throwing things in the car, the horses were going crazy, everything was very chaotic. We grabbed the last of our things, and while we were doing it, we saw the cats run towards the mountain,” said the boy.

Angel was a kitten that Ben’s stepfather had chosen to adopt from a litter of felines, and they were inseparable. So leaving it was a painful decision, but at the moment of danger, they had no choice but to protect themselves.

Brett had always been very close to both cats but had a special connection with Angel.

Everything seemed too chaotic, and among the adrenaline of the moment, they surrendered themselves to saving only their dogs and their four horses, which they took to a safe place.

 “Halfway through the packing process, we began to see the fire on the top of the hill. Then the flames were behind us. Suddenly there were fires around us. All our paddocks were on fire,” Ben said.

After sheltering the animals, Brett and Ben tried to return home to retrieve the cats, but the police did not let them approach. The family would have to resign themselves to the worst because they could not approach the property.

“We tried to tell them that our cats are there, our house is there, but they didn’t let us in,” Ben said.

Only until the fire was controlled, the authorities allowed them to take the road back home. The family imagined the worst because they feared that the flames would have eaten their property.

“The fire had come completely to the house, but the firemen had sent a helicopter and helped our house to save it. Then the trucks got in and ran a perimeter and kept the fire away,” said Ben.

Thanks to the help of the authorities, the family was not left in the street. However, in the next 48 hours, Ben and Brett worked hard to keep the flames away from the property.

Among the exhaustion, they couldn’t help thinking about the sad fate their kittens had. It was obvious to them that they had died, but weeks later, a sudden appearance surprised them: Angel returned home.

Although it looked quite affected, it was a great miracle that it was able to survive the flames and come home.

” Its fur had melted, and ears were burned and bent, by some miracle, feet were not burned. We took the cat inside immediately and gave food and water. My stepfather spent the whole night hugging the cat because that’s his baby,” said Ben.

The boy published the story on Reddit and immediately went viral.

For Ben, not only was the cat’s return a great joy, but the volunteers could save his home. For that reason, he invited people to collaborate with them.

Share this kitty’s story and help us multiply Ben’s message. Australia needs everyone’s help. Share!

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