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How To Feed A Cat Well

Our fellow cat always ends up becoming a member of the family, and as such, we want the best for him, including good food. If you want to know how to feed a cat well and learn everything you need to know to make your cat grow healthy, then read this article where we will explain to you all the information you should know about it.

How to feed a cat well

When choosing the food. You should always keep in mind the age of the cat, the physical condition, and of course, if it has any health problems, such as any type of food allergy.

Cats are carnivorous by nature. Hence they need a lot of protein and fat in their diet, which will mainly be obtained from meat. We must also keep in mind that its diet should have enough of the amino acid called taurine, which is responsible for the metabolism of the cat’s work properly.

Adult cats usually need to consume an average of 250 calories during the day, but this will depend on the age of the cat, size, weight and how active it is, so the best thing you can do is ask your veterinarian the exact amount of food you should give your cat.

Food should also ensure the right amount of vitamins, carbohydrates, fats, and minerals to get a balanced diet.

In principle, we can find dry cat food and wet food in cans. Both have their benefits, and although it is true that cats can only feed on dry food if they drink a lot of water, the truth is that the best thing you can offer your cat is a good combination of dry food and wet food. Also, if your cat suffers from kidney disease or has diabetes or some damage to the urinary tract, it is much better to give wet food and be well hydrated.

When putting the food portions, you should keep in mind that dry food has a greater amount of calories for each portion of food. However, the wet one, due to a large amount of moisture it has, does not have as many calories concentrated. And as for the number of nutrients such as protein and vitamins it contains, everything will depend on the recipe used by the manufacturer.

If you decide to feed feline companion with a combination of feed and wet food in cans, you can be sure that it will be well fed and well hydrated, so that you will be preventing some possible diseases that occur to cats for not drinking enough water and therefore be dehydrated.

While speaking of hydration, remember that your cat should always have a container full of water always clean and at a temperature appropriate to the season in which it is (if it is summer, it is recommended that the water is cool). Remember that you should also check if your cat is drinking the right amount of water or is throwing it away or ignores it.

And always remember to have the rations well controlled so that cat does not overfeed, and finally, we end up with an obese and in poor health cat. But you can’t skimp on their nutrition either. The key is to achieve the perfect balance that allows your cat to get the calories and all the nutrients it needs for proper growth and development.

Human food

The human food that we have leftover at home is not good for our cat, in fact, they are really harmful in this case, especially in the case that we give traces of raw fish or bones, as they can get caught in the intestine, and even block it.

Also, if it eats human food excessively, it can develop muscle stiffness and certain stomach problems, which can cause vomiting and diarrhea. Also, if you also give the house food as a snack, we are not controlling the amount of real food it should eat, and the most frequent thing that has been found is that it generally produces fat and cause overweight.

On the other hand, there are reliable recipes that you can prepare at home using natural ingredients from home, but preparing them in a way that is healthy and that does not cause any harm to your cat or his health.

Choose the right food for your cat

Cheaper foods are not usually of a good quantity, and will not provide all the amount of nutrients our cat needs.

Also, remember to avoid choosing foods made with colors and artificial flavors, and that may contain some chemicals that harm your cat.

We must also take into account the exact words indicated by the labels. If we buy cat food and the name on the label indicates some type of protein such as tuna or chicken, we should know that that food should have at least a 95% protein content. On the other hand, you should take into account the words “with” and “of” on food labels, since if it says cat food with tuna, it means that the food only contains 3% tuna.

On the other hand, it means that the food contains 95% tuna. With this article, we wanted to show you everything you need to know how to feed a cat well so that you take good care of your beloved and furry family member.

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