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Why does a cat sleep on my head?

Why does the cat sleep on my head? This question is not known to many cat breeders. Sure, it happened to you once that you fell asleep and your cat slept at your feet, then I woke up suddenly to find your cat hovering on your face or head and incomplete rest. The cat does not care about the location, and the comfort of the bed or the warmness it provides to her in the place of her sleep, because she always leaves all these comfortable facilities that she provides to her and chooses the only place she loves when it is above your head, face, or sometimes over your chest. Of course, your cat never intended to harm you or annoy you, but there is a reason why cats sleep at the head of their owners.

Why does the cat sleep on my head?
“Cat sleep on your head or face comes because the cat feels warm in this place,” says Marilyn Krieger, a cat behavior consultant from the University of Redwood – California. Although the surrounding places are warmer, the warmest place around is your body, specifically your head. The heat of the body leaks from the head to the surrounding, so the cat goes directly to the warmth emitted by your face and head.

The average body temperature of a cat is about 38 and a half, so it is always looking for a source of heat to help its body perform its various vital functions, as it helps the cat to relax and not make an additional effort to warm during sleep

Of course, this is one of the explanations, as Krieger says, and she continues to mention some other explanations about the question “Why does the cat sleep on my head?” Cats resort to the most comfortable and warm places. Surely sleeping at your feet is not comfortable enough. Firstly, because the feet move a lot during sleep. Therefore, cats are subject to intermittent sleep, because you definitely take them into sleep, which causes them great discomfort. While sleeping at your head, and specifically above it, provides her with greater comfort and thus avoids the pokes she may be exposed to, thus longer and more comfortable sleep.

One of the reasons cats sleep on your head, says Krieger, is their intense love of smell, particularly the scent of your hair. Cats are always looking for a feeling of safety, and the scent of their owner who cares for them provides them with a complete feeling of safety during sleep. That is why you find that when cats are put to their cats they resort to your bed because your scent fills them and because they feel safe with you.

In addition, cats are completely independent creatures, and they always want to own the places and things around them and color them with their scent. Therefore, when your cat sleeps on your head, it announces that you are its king, as it mixes its smell with your smell, indicating control and possession.

“The cat breeder can be very annoying to the cat by sleeping on their heads, and she directs her back towards them, which is an unhealthy sign and very annoying to us humans, but it is completely the opposite in the animal world,” he added. ?

When the animal directs its back, butt or stomach, towards others, this is a sign of surrender and total confidence. A sign of confidence in a cat is to point the back of its body to another creature. Cats do this in mating after a violent battle to control between them and the male cat. Therefore, doing this cats with their owners indicates confidence and a feeling of complete security

Some other explanations for kittens sleeping on their owners’ heads:
Some believe that cats like to sleep on the owner’s head because of the hair. The human body is not covered with hair, unlike cats, so when sleeping, the cat will resort to the most similar place with it, which is human hair. Therefore, she sleeps on human hair and head, to feel comfortable and comfortable. Nevertheless, some people do not believe this hypothesis, because many cat owners were bald, but nevertheless the cats slept on their heads.
Another explanation is that static electricity from human hair stimulates cats to sleep. But there are those who object to this, because many modern devices have the same static electricity, but they do not attract cats to sleep on.
How do I train my cat to sleep away from my head?
Training cats to change their behavior requires patience, repetition, and boredom.

1- When the bedtime approaches, start using a cat game that you like, for example, a hunting feather, or a ball tied in a rope, or any of these toys that cat loves.

2- Play with your cat for long enough for the cat to feel completely tired and exhausted. When you find that your cat has played enough, give her a snack of delicious food that she loves.

3- You will notice that your cat has eaten, licked and cleaned itself, after which it will sleep long.

Of course, you will not find that this method caused your cat to sleep long since the first time. Modifying behavior in cats requires some time, persistence, and repetition, but it certainly produces enormous results if you repeat and persist continuously without getting bored. Cats may be stubborn toward change at first, but over time you’ll find that they have responded amazingly

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