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7 strange and funny behaviors

The behavior of exotic cats is many and varied. Despite the love of many to her, but there are strange behaviors of cats whose meaning is not known and their meaning is fancier and cat lovers.

Some of the cat’s behaviors are strange and others are funny and entertaining.

But in any case, the cat’s behavior and interpretation provide the breeder of these beautiful creatures with a greater understanding of their behavior, and thus brings you closer to your beloved cat.

Therefore, in this article, we present to you some of the cat’s actions and interpretation

Cats behavior and interpretation

Cats biting nails
You may have noticed that your cat licks her nails and bites them from time to time, especially during their relaxing times. Of course, you may have asked yourself why cats are doing this.

Cats are very clean animals, so they always clean themselves.

They are also hunting animals by nature, so their nails are one of the most important weapons that they must take care of.

Therefore, cats pay special attention to nails, whether by cleaning them or by exercising them in furniture or carpets.

So you may also notice that your cat scratches carpets and furniture from time to time. Read: Treating cat scratches at home

Another reason for cats’ habit of biting nails is that they feel uncomfortable or bored.

Your cat may have had bad experiences that cause her to bite her nails too much.

Of course, it is not a matter of concern unless you notice that the cat biting her claws physically harms her and causes her wounds or scratches.

But in the event that she licks and cleans her nails periodically, it does not cause concern

Running at top speed for no reason
Have you noticed that your cat ran suddenly without reason at full speed from room to room or in the yard of your apartment or house?

Usually, the cats suddenly run as if something chases them and scares them, and this is accompanied by an erection of their hair, which suggests their fear of something.

Most cat breeders are afraid of these movements and consider them a sign of invisible powers such as ghosts, etc., but this is completely wrong.

The cat’s speed can reach 35 kilometers per hour, so it needs some training from time to time.

Domestic cats have a lot of stored energy that they do not use continuously. So she tries to spurt her energy out with such actions.

So we always recommend that you play with your cat every day for an hour or two.

You must also provide some games for your cat to continuously expel her energy.

Despite this, we do not guarantee that the cat will stop this behavior, but in general, you may notice that it does not repeat for long periods.

Sitting upside down in cats
Have you noticed your cat sitting or sleeping in strange situations?

For example, if she sleeps on her back and hands hanging in the air, or she sleeps in an arched position or other strange positions in sleeping or sitting

You may also notice that your cat opens its feet strangely while sleeping or sitting

All of these conditions indicate that the cat feels comfortable in it.

Cats may sleep and sleep differently than in traditional settings.

Also, the cat sleeping or sitting in positions that show the belly area indicates its confidence in you and its comfort with you.

So when your cat sleeps relaxing in a funny or strange situation, it tells you that it feels safe and confident with you.

Not to bury stools or urinate in the wrong places
Sometimes your cat will ignore the letterbox, urinate, or defecate in separate places at home

Cat breeders know that male cats in the mating season may do what is called “spraying urine in male cats” in separate locations to attract females willing to mate. Read: Three steps to help you get rid of cat urine

But what about females?

In general, defecating in the wrong places outside the litter box or litter box indicates the cat’s fear or anxiety about something.

Did you bring a new cat home?

Perhaps this is the reason. Cats are controlling animals and you do not want anyone to share them with you.

You may also notice this behavior if you are caressing cats on the street or with your friends, and their odor remains in your clothes.

Because the cat is able to distinguish any strange smell, and if you find a strange smell in your clothes, you will start jealous and feeling insecure with you.

This may cause her to announce her feelings in this way: not to bury the litter or leave her litter in different places in the home.

Cats always smell your breath and face
Cats love to socialize with humans, especially if they are friendly and loving them.

Cats feel the love of their owners as well as exchanged love.

One form of the cat expressing love is for the cat to inhale yourself and the smell of your face constantly.

Some may think this is strange, but cats love the warmth that saves the soul and the human body.

She also loves to inhale the smell of her favorite owners by smelling her face and nose in particular.

So next time when your cat sniffs your face, I know that it misses you and wants to express it to you.

The meow with a low and choppy sound
This sound is very special for cat breeders.

Have you found your cat faintly and intermittently, as soon as you see him coming from outside the house?

Did your cat sleep for a long time then suddenly she came to you and issued a low and interrupted meow?

This is how cats welcome your loved ones.

Often you will find your cat sporadically hydrophobic when you receive you from outside the home or if you are from the long travel.

Also, she will rub her body in your feet or hands, and may even jump and sit in your hands until she tells you she is missing you.

The correct behavior, in this case, is to swap your cat for greeting and patting her face and head to express her appreciation for her love.

Sleep on books, newspapers, favorite things and places
Anything that you may start busy and take care of with, you will immediately find your cat sleeping on it and looking at you.

From books and studying tools to computers, to smartphones … anything and everything your hands may touch.

These behaviors are interpreted as a kind of jealousy, but this is not accurate.

Cats want to tell you they like to feel safe near the things you see you like and leave your smell in.

So she wipes and tries to leave her smell too in these things.

Even when you use these things, you can find your cat’s scent in it and distinguish it.

Cats treat you as if they are part of their possessions and an important part of their lives.

Therefore, she loves to deal with you in a special and special way.

There are a lot of strange cat actions that always cause us to ask: What do you mean my cat says to me? So we clarified and explained some of the cat’s actions. Of course, not all of the cat’s behaviors may seem strange, but we have tried to mention the most important behaviors and their meanings and we will mention others in a recent article.

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