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5 tips for choosing dry cat food

How to choose dry cat food for small cats?

Although having a cat in the house is a very fun thing, it is very stressful. Especially when choosing the best food for kittens.

Many people differ between feeding cats homemade food at home or choosing one of the types of cat food popular in pet supply stores.

Pet stores have many cat toys and food to choose from for your cat.

So before choosing the dry food for your little cat that you intend to choose, you can learn 5 tips for choosing a dry cat food that we offer for you so that you are familiar with the right way to choose.

5 tips for choosing dry cat food

1- Choose the brand to feed your little cat wisely.

You should choose your cat’s “dry food” food from a pet food company that has been subjected to long-term food control trials and has earned a good reputation.

This means that this diet has been fed to cats to ensure that there are no side effects.

Many pet food companies make their own food without trying it out on other cats before they are sent to stores.

But trusted companies are investing the best pet food companies in scientific research and consulting with veterinarians to provide perfectly balanced food without any disruption in the nutrients that may be harmful to your cat’s growth.

We always advise choosing the imported species with the well-known brand name and avoid buying local dry food because it is not subject to any tests or quality standards.

2- Consider the number of calories

Small cat food should have a higher calorie intake than large cat food to compensate for how little kittens lose energy to grow.

About half of the calories they consume are lost in tissue growth and development, so it is important that cat food provides enough nutrients to help them grow properly.

3- You can mix cans and dry foods for dry cat food

Offer a small mixture of canned and dry foods early in the life of the cat for him to eat.

There are some diseases that may appear late in the life of the cat, such as diabetes or kidney disease in which canned food is part of the treatment plan .. Read: Urine retention in cats

So they must be provided with canned food to get used to before age and refuse to change the food.

4- Examine the nutritional components of the kitten food

The ingredients in your kitten’s food are essential for your kitten’s growth. For example, the cat’s nervous system depends on DHA

Therefore, diets for small cats should contain more of these components than adult foods to ensure that the brain, eye, and ears are growing properly.

5- Keep your little cat’s weight

Maintaining a healthy weight for your kitten is crucial to being healthy for life.

Overweight cats may not grow properly and are at risk of obesity in old age.

This can lead to diseases like arthritis, high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes.

Therefore, your veterinarian should assess the degree of cat’s body condition on each visit to ensure that you are on the right path to nutrition.

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